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Indicators & Strategies of Mental Health Needs

Though mental health problems are not always easy to see in children and adolescents, there are some signs and symptoms you can be on the lookout for.....

The causes of mental health problems are complicated and not yet fully understood. It is known, however, that mental health issues may come from a combination of different factors including a person’s biology (e.g. genetics, chemical imbalances in the body) and from environmental factors (e.g. stressful or harmful experiences, exposure to harmful chemicals.)

Without the right help, children and adolescents with mental health issues are at a higher risk to develop other difficulties, such as school failure or drop-out, problematic behavior, and even suicide. Identifying problems early and getting appropriate treatment can help children reach their full potential and may prevent more significant problems from developing. Getting help early is important!

Early Childhood (3 - 5 years)

Middle Childhood (6-12 years)

Adolescence (13-18 years)